Dear Rotarian:

Please accept my personal invitation to join me and our fellow Rotarians in Bangkok, Thailand, 6-8 May 2012, for the 103rd Rotary International Convention – an incredible event in one of the world’s most fascinating cities.

Thailand is a spectacular destination, truly the Land of a Thousand Smiles. I would particularly urge Rotarians who have never visited Asia before to consider this your chance. Bangkok is a fantastic gateway to explore Southeast Asia and a wonderful experience on its own for a shorter trip. For those who hail from countries closer by, take the opportunities of a major cultural capital. Indeed, for those who have been there already, you know that you can never get enough of Bangkok.

But the best reason to visit Bangkok, of course, will be the Rotary convention itself: the highlight of the Rotary calendar and an opportunity not to be missed.

All through the year, we reach out to Rotary communities across the globe. At the convention, we have the chance to see all those communities represented in one place – to hear all the language, see all the people, and learn about all the projects of the past year. Nothing brings home the internationality of Rotary convention, and nothing else has the same power to inspire.

Every year, I go to the RI Convention excited to see old friends and make new ones, to celebrate our successes and learn from our experience. And every year, I leave with a sense of pride in Rotary, eager to continue my commitment to Rotary.

This year promises to be the best convention yet. I urge you to register now and to begin planning for our 103rd Rotary International Convention in Bangkok


Kalyan Banerjee